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“Just installed my theme and I saw an increase in conversion rate of 86% the first day! It’s because if their little tweak that none of the shopify theme has. Thank you so much “


Guillaume P.

Successful Shopify Dropshipper

It's More Than Just A Theme...

Created by a successful businessman obsessed with increasing sales for his own Shopify store, Proven profitable  Shopify Theme is not only easy to use, but is also designed to trigger more conversions!

Proven profitable Shopify Theme has helped its customers earn millions in extra revenue form there stores!

THE PROBLEM: Most Shopify themes are designed by companies who don’t even run Shopify stores!  This is the reason why many stores fail. Successful Shopify stores require a high-converting theme to capture as many sales possible, and drive down advertising costs.

Tired of struggling with non-converting, poor quality themes, I took matters into my own hands and created my own high-converting Shopify theme from scratch with built-in apps and gorgeous features!  What’s more, over time, Proven profitable Shopify Theme flourished to become the leading high-converting theme on the planet!

I know from experience what ACTUALLY converts and what doesn’t, and use Proven profitable Shopify Theme in all my Shopify stores resulting in a whopping 7-figure a year income!

Forget about complicated code!Proven profitable Shopify Theme is so easy to use anyone can use it!


Here Are 4 Big Benefits....

Full Custom Homepage

Design the homepage to fit your store and make it look amazing! Have the ability to change your layout and even change the colours of your titles and prices to whatever colour you like!

Conversion Boosters

We spent long nights in the lab and built in specific conversion theme that increate revenue on your store instantly. This simply makes you more money.

Incredibly Fast Loading

Store loading will have a major effect on your sales. Studies show that store with a loading time of 3 seconds or more can lose up to 40% of there sales.

Free eCom Course & Support

Inside Proven profitable  Shopify Theme you will have access to our Training where we have videos showing you EXACTLY how to set up the theme. We have also added in some free eCom training and free theme support forever!

Finally! Start Getting Results...

If you struggle to get sales from your Shopify Store or increase your slow sales then installing PROVEN PROFITABLE Shopify THeME is going to boost sales and save you money at the same time. They money you save on app fees you can use in your advertising campaigns or better yet keep it in your pocket! 

Using Proven Profitable Shopify Theme is going to give you an edge over the competition. You no longer have to rely on expensive clunky apps to optimize your store. This is the all in one solution you’ve been waiting for!

Get Instant Access to Proven Profitable Shopify Theme now!

Andrew generated over $61K in 30 Days by installing Proven Profitable Shopify Theme on his struggling Shopify store. The theme converted like crazy for him and $61k is a great achievement in 30 days!

Facebook will soon start to penalize pages that load slow, what does this mean for you? If your page loads slow then you won’t get shown as much in the advertising algorithm and this means higher advertising cost. You will get lower reach and ultimately this will leave you struggling to get sale let along scale your Shopify Store.

We designed Proven profitable Shopify Theme with ultimate simplicity and even though we packed it with apps it’s designed in a way to reduce load times. We have fine tuned every aspect giving you a super quick theme that both Facebook and your customers will love.


We integrated in this theme all the best marketing tools to Boost up your sales without any monthly fees.

Guillaume P.


”You have a great theme and I will let anyone I know about it so they can buy it too.”

Eric K.


”We are very pleased with the new version. Everything works fine now! Congratulations to the developers!”

J. Ganesh


”Thank You! You guys Rock! I was assuming that it’s going to be a carousel to get this done but you proved me wrong.5 stars for your customer service to provide me with the latest version. Cheers!”

Nick P.


”Awesome, I just updated the theme and now I have all the currencies now. I have to say your company’s customer service is on point. Thank you!”

Diganth J.


”I am pleased by your quick customer service. Keep it up!”

Hizybiz H.


”Thank you so much, I guess I just found the new best theme.


Single License

1 Shopify Store
$ 99
  • Native English Speaking Support 7-Days a Week
  • 1 Year Upgrades & Support
  • Free Access to ECOM SUCCESS ACADEMY Training worth $2,495
  • Free Access to Facebook ROI Master Class by Tom Glover worth $2995

2 License

2 Shopify Store
$ 179
  • Native English Speaking Support 7-Days a Week
  • 1 Year Upgrades & Support
  • Free Access to ECOM SUCCESS ACADEMY Training worth $2,495
  • Free Access to Facebook ROI Master Class by Tom Glover worth $2995

5 License

5 Shopify Store
$ 399
  • Native English Speaking Support 7-Days a Week
  • 1 Year Upgrades & Support
  • Free Access to ECOM SUCCESS ACADEMY Training worth $2,495
  • Free Access to Facebook ROI Master Class by Tom Glover worth $2995

What Type Of Stores Are Boosting Their Conversions With The PROVEN PROFITABLE Shopify THME ?

Skincare stores

Dog stores

Health stores

Grill tools stores

Bracelets stores

Gadget stores

Kitchen stores

Beauty stores

Lifestyle stores

​​Over 2,000 Shopify Users Trust Proven profitable Shopify Theme To Boost Sales On Their Stores

I could talk about this all day...

Your Theme, I could talk about this all day but it sells itself. In Short, I spent a day setting it up and it increased my conversion overnight. One days work witch now equates to more $$$ each month

James M Hook | $450,000 in Revenue

Got to say I love the theme...

Got to say I love the theme so far, it was a bit much to take in after using a free theme previously but I’m at a point where my store looks and feels better. Keep smashing it Frank

Roger B Vasser | PROVEN PROFITABLE Shopify THME User

Apps I had to pay for before is long gone...

”I recently had purchased the booster theme and I am having a great experience with it so far. Customer Service is Quick and Concise, Help Was Very Useful. I Am Very Pleased With Theme and Service, Thanks!”

Paul S Smith | $100,000 in Just 30 Days!

Frequently asked questions 🤔

You can arrange your theme as you want (incuding fonts, colors, page formats, etc.) with the built in Theme Settings (Admin panel > Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme).

If you need further help, you can always contact our customer support We are here to help you !

All our users will receive free 1 year update. We are adding in every update, new features and functions in the theme.

Proven profitable Shopify Theme  is a one time fee of 99$. That’s include,1 license, full support for 1 year and 1 year of updates. We also have multiple licenses package. How awesome is that ?

It’s really simple and it take less than a minute. Please see the following instruction for guidance.

Not at all. Proven profitable Shopify Theme is really easy to setup. You can customize the look of your store with a graphical interface that is easy to use.

All you need to start using Proven profitable Shopify Theme is a Shopify Store, and a credit card to pay for Proven profitable  Shopify Theme license.

You can use Proven profitable Shopify Theme on one store at the time, each theme subject to a one-shop license. But we do have multiple license for those of you that have more than one store.

Yes, and it’s super easy and we’ve made 2 differents type of video integration. You can add it with the the Video Management section, or with the Custom Content section if you want to do more than just Adding a video.


Get your sales Boosted in One-Click.🔥 Easy Setup. No Coding. Take less than a minute to install.

This theme was created to boost conversions but more importantly, give you the freedom to edit the theme without touching the code. With this editing there are limitations. You can edit pretty much anything but within moderation, what does this mean? Well if you do outrageous editing like making huge buttons or fonts it’s not going to look great. In fact, it won’t look good at all. So it’s important to understand that although this theme is very customizable please don’t be silly with it. We have tested the theme to the best of our ability and this includes being within out editing zone. What this means is we have only used this theme as it should be used and we haven’t done any outrageous crazy editing. There is no guarantee that this theme will be fast on your store because we have no control over your images or the Shopify CDN however on a fresh file our theme loads at 700ms or less on our test stores. We also don’t guarantee that Proven profitable Shopify Theme will boost your sales as we have no control over your products and traffic. When purchasing you agree to our refund policy below.

We have made every effort to make this theme badass! However, if you play with any of the code within this theme it could interrupt any features implemented in this theme, therefore, limiting our support to you. Please do not touch ANY of the code within the theme unless you know what you’re doing and you understand that any code edits within the theme are your responsibility.